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Speakers with new design...

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Surround Speaker

Overhead Speaker complete Kit - Check our Range
TC-**-T - Instructions for ceiling installation available for download





N e w  S u r r o u n d  D e s i g n


Our goal with the development of the TC range was to do the impossible: engineer a multi-usage acoustic system, for both side-wall and top Surround sound source, into the lightest and most compact speaker ever. That meant reimagining every element to make it not only lighter and stronger but also better.

A Coaxial with Low distortion

A powerful 2" Ø MF/HF driver mounted independently as a Coaxial into a highly efficient 12" Ø woofer.


Nominal impedance of 4 Ω

The number of speakers being more and more important, our choice was to bring on the market a speaker running under 4 Ω in order to use lower power amplifiers.
For instance a KCS C-900 is able to supply sufficient power to the speaker to get the maximum output required.







F u l l  i n t e g r a t i o n  i n  c o u n t e r - C e i l i n g






A  C o m p l e t e  R a n g e  a t  Y o u r  d i s p o s a l