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Discontinued Products

KELONIK GROUP and its division KCS ensures you always access the newest products when you are investing in KCS audio solutions. As KCS continues to innovate and introduce new product solutions, older products that have reached the end of the product lifecycle will no longer be available for sale.

We recently put in place a Product Change Notification procedure that will allow us to maintain an up to date communication with our customers.

The table below will show you the up to date situation for Discontinued Products.


Date Order Code Reference Product Evolution Discontinued PCN PDF
2024-01-01 47040-A SR-20 PM-24-007 PDF
2022-10-07 47086-A SR-26-N PM-22-063 PDF
2022-10-07 47048-A SR-25 PM-22-062 PDF
2019-01-01 47232-A G-15-K PM-19-008 PDF
2018-02-13 47020-A SR-8-A PM-18-013 PDF
2018-02-13 47047-A SR-28 PM-18-014 PDF
2018-02-13 47049-A SR-29 PM-18-015 PDF
2018-02-13 47086-A SR-26 PM-18-016 PDF
2017-02-22 47212-A SP-3-F PM-17-016 PDF
2015-07-03 47138-A M/H-7901 PM-15-070 PDF
2015-07-03 47134-A M/H-7801 PM-15-057 PDF
2015-07-03 47387-A F-7901 PM-15-071 PDF
2015-07-03 47383-A F-7801 PM-15-058 PDF
2015-02-23 47128-A M/H-2400 PM-15-022 PDF
2014-08-05 47042-A SR-5 PM-14-025 PDF
2014-07-08 47204-A S-701 PM-14-014 PDF
2014-07-08 47206-A GM-S-701 PM-14-015 PDF
2013-12-31 47023-A SR-15 PM-13-003 PDF
2013-11-01 47072-A SR-12 PM-13-002 PDF
2013-11-01 47071-A SR-10 PM-13-001 PDF